The NHGA Mission Statement is to have our organization become internationally recognized as the nation’s most qualified, respected, and trusted outdoor professionals.

The Association shall be the liaison between its members, the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, Safety Services (Marine Patrol), and any other governing or enforcement agency for the purpose of outdoor recreation.

The Association will enhance the guiding profession in New Hampshire with the highest standards of honesty, safety, integrity, and professionalism by providing state-licensed and otherwise nationally certified guides, tour operators, and instructors with support services, representation and a sense of pride, community, and tradition.

All members shall foster the effort to live by the following values. The Association holds these values as the benchmark of our commitment to the guiding profession:

We strongly adhere to these values and ethics established by this Association.

People, property, the knowledge of others, and above all, respect for natural resources of New Hampshire. Each individual or group has an inherent worthiness apart from the Association.  As members, all are considered worthy of our highest regard, as we wish to be regarded.

We accept our moral duties, obligations, and principles of conduct, consistent with the New Hampshire Guides Association’s Code of Ethics and everyday “right from wrong”.

We accept accountability for providing answers to questions that affect the Association and accountability for our conduct.

We are faithful to the goals and Code of Ethics, and trust the Association and it’s members.

We share interests, experiences, or feelings in the company of equals and friends.

We preserve the mental and moral strength and our shared determination to do the right thing at the right time.

We pledge to meet our Association and personal obligations to the best of our ability.

We strive to meet and surpass our previous achievements or accomplishments.

We continue to assimilate the knowledge and experience or others, to foster our growth and the growth of others.